The Examples of Our Values Shining Bright

Jetsave India Tours

A giant in travel industry making waves through their work in Visa processing. They decided to expand into online business and luxury travel industry and that's where we came in. We have been taking charge of all their online efforts. Website, Social Media, Online Ads, content writing, itinerary writing and every bit of the online strategy.

Institute Of Political Leadership

A one of a kind political leadership institution, was looking to run several social media ad campaigns and we helped them run it with serious results with very high CTR and super low cost per lead.

Sumeru Travels

An independent travel venture associated with Art Of living focused on spiritual travel. They are regularly organizing tours for the Art Of Living fraternity and were keen on building a brand. We identified the challenge of bringing a brand with a very unique positioning in the online travel industry.

IMS Ghaziabad (UC Campus)

A college in Ghaziabad that we have been consulting on all online matters including website, lead generation for admissions, social media, designs and much more! Our unique understanding of the brand and a very novel idea of creating a small set-up within the college to generate enough content to outmatch all social media and online marketing efforts. Generating a more than 145%-170% y.o.y. rise in admission revenues.

Akhil Bharatiya Parivar Party

An upcoming political party with India and the people in their hearts had some social campaigns to run and we assissted them in getting their messages to millions of people through online social ad campaigns. We have an approved business account for running the social campaigns and then came our expertise to do it at the lowest possible costs.


We are working with ICAR, Govt. of India on their pan India project for Agricultural Universities funded by WHO and Govt. Of India. The NAHEP Logo being used pan-India on all possible project related outlets was designed by the BUzz09 Creators and currently working on the website and other other online arenas.

Great Indian Journeys

One of our favorite travel clients with a focus on the cultural travels in India. Favorite because it matches how we would do the travelling if we were coming to one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Our job was to do a branding that suits it's vision and to put it on the online travel map! We were happy to do the job.

Universal Business Nexus

A network being designed for the students by the students. Our job was to give this new startup a branding and a positioning that they lacked and were struggling to do. We created a branding strategy that suited their vision and put a cherry on top by giving them a strategy consulting on management and marketing.

A college assignment help website that was our biggest challenge, thanks to the huge amount of content to be delivered in a very short deadline. We are particularly proud of our written content prowess. But this wsa a challenge even for us.

5 Elements Insurance

5 Elements Insurance wanted a guide to look after their branding done to represent insurance done against all natural and man-made unfortunate events. Took a lot of brain storming on how to interate natural disasters into a small piece of logo that not only represents the brand but also not too constrained neither cramped.

Recube Energy

Recube Energy is the upcoming brand in the solar energy sector. A solution provider working at a large scale wanted us to design a maketing material for one of the events they were attending. They depended on us to get it done in the record time and we disappoint the people depending on us getting the job done!

Delhi School of Magic

The unique and brilliantly skilled group of magicians creating a dent in the worls as we know it. We have the honor of advising them and consulting them on their management and also on creating a market presence through their marketing efforts online and offline.